Magento attribute order and search results ranking

I have set name as first product attribute in Magento admin. However when I search with word SEARCH_WORD, first result name doesn’t contain word SEARCH_WORD, however next one does? I would assume order would make sure that name attribute is most important search parameter and not description? I have reindexed indexes in Magento admin, so changes should be in Algolia too. I’m using Magento extension version 1.11.1.

Hello Jasmina,

could you share your website with me so I can investigate and troubleshoot your issues? Thanks!

Can I send website link in private message to you?

Of course you can, thanks!

I cannot find link to post PM in here?

Click on name and there should be “Message” link in popup:

@jasmina.mero Thanks for the link you sent me in PM. Can you tell me what search query gives you bad results? I tried on your website and everything looks OK. Thanks!