Magento Catalog Price Rules

I am having trouble displaying the sale price in the autocomplete dropdown and the instant search results page when there is an active catalog price rule. Both just display the default pricing, and when the user clicks through to the product page they are shown the sale price. That’s the first indication to the customer that the item is on sale, and I imagine it’s not helping conversion rates.

I have set the special_price attribute to retrievable, but that seems to only apply to that attribute at the product level. If I set a special_price value on a product, it is shown in the dropdown and search results page as expected.

How can I display the modified sale price of a product that qualifies in a catalog price rule?

I am on Magento Commerce Cloud ver. 2.4.2 with the Algolia Module ver. 3.1.0

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Well, it doesn’t appear that anyone has any answers for this very basic and default use case…can anyone confirm that they use Algolia with Magento’s Catalog Price Rules and can see the correct sale pricing in the autocomplete dropdown and search results?

Confirmation is certainly up to algolia team.
I do know the algolia mage code& architecture rather well, and as far as I can see there is no way it could use complex price rules. Special promotion price logic is there, customer groups is there, but that’s it.

We do use a custom implementation that does an ajax request to fetch prices and shipping costs async, this obviously takes care of any rules.