Magento extension: Per-category facets?

I currently have Magento layered navigation set up so that certain layered navigation filters (facets, in Algolia parlance) only show on certain categories – even if a category contains products that have those filters. I am trying to determine if Algolia is capable of doing this via the Magento integration.

For example, let’s say I have Category A and Category B. There are products in both categories that have values for Attribute A. However, Attribute A only shows as filterable (in the left-hand sidebar) in Category A, but is not visible in Category B. This is how my site is configured now.

However, in Algolia, if I set up Attribute A as a facet (and use Algolia for category pages), it shows as a filter on both Category A and Category B, without any apparent way of controlling this behavior.

Is this something that Algolia is capable of doing (without CSS hacks), or might I be better off using Algolia solely for search?


Can you remind me where in Magento you configure the category -> attribute relationship?
I currently fear you’d have to do some js/css magic with a custom algolia modification to achieve this.

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Alex – thanks for provoking that question; after a bit more digging through my client’s code, I’ve come to realize it was a third-party solution that was doing this in the first place; therefore I don’t expect Algolia will have this functionality either.

Thanks for the reply!

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