Magento Integration

I’m a complete magento rookie. I’ve managed to get Algolia installed and it’s indexing my products. When I turn on the front end integration, my search box disappears, and nothing comes up. I just want the default install of the algolia search for the moment.

What am I doing wrong ?? Please help.


Is your website online? Please share the link so I can have a look.

It can happen that you experience some small incompatibilities with some themes or extensions. is the website, yes it’s online, but I haven’t turned on the Algolia search yet because the search box disappears.
What do I need to do ?

Can anyone help ? and explain how I can get this working. TIA

Hello there,

it seems your theme doesn’t support Algolia.
The solution would be to change default DOM selector of your search box.
In your case it would be #search:

You can change it in Magento Administation > System > Configuration > Algolia Search > Advanced.

Awesome it’s working now… thank you so much.

I don’t appear to have a drop down when you start to type… like an auto complete. How can we get this implemented ? Is it easy ?

Happy I could help.

You can enable Autocomplete menu feature in Algolia configuration in Magento.


I just checked your website and your Magento theme doesn’t support rendering of the extensions templates.
When the templates are not rendered, the extension cannot work. Here’s a layout.xml file which will tell you to which blocks the theme templates are rendered.
Can you check with your developers if it’s possible to adjust your theme to have extension’s templates rendered to a website?


Can you help me in this to solve this issue. ?

I have installed and configured Algolia search Extension of Magento. My magento version is 1.9 .Everything is configured successfully. but the search option in Home Page is not coming.

if i enable Allow Symlinks to “Yes” the search page is coming but with alignment issues. can you kindly guide how to solve this issue .?

We are using porto theme.
website is

Hello @banta,

in order to make the extension work, you have to enable symlinks.
The alignment issues can be solved by updating your CSS to work with the extension.

The extension comes with CSS which suits most of Magento themes, but it cannot handle everything. So in your case you’ll have to write some custom CSS to have everything aligned. Is it doable for you?

can you able to fix the alignment issue? or can you please guide me how to achieve it .? i mean where to change and what to change.?

How much will this cost to implement this for me ? Can you please email me a quote and I’ll get this organised.

Email me the cost for this customization .

Hello @banta and @mksportscars,

I’m sorry, but we don’t provide customization services. So I cannot give you a quote for that.

But you can contact one of our partner agencies to help you solve the issue. You can find them on the extension\s website: