Magento - missing product thumbnails on suggested search bar

hi guys
I’m wondering if we could get some help with this search & product thumbnail issue on Magento 1.

We had to cleared image cache and have kicked off reindex as mentioned in the article below. however, product thumbnails are still not being picked up
in the search drop down
Would you be able to advise
Our site is

We have tried
shell/indexer.php – -reindex
shell/indexer.php – -reindex algolia_search_indexer
/shell/indexer.php – -reindex algolia_queue_runner

hi Algolia team
would you be able to help have a look at this thread?

FYI: we also cleaned up indices in Algolia and resynced. our current setting in Magento is but looks like the setting isn’t being used by Algolia as the new indices are showing up with thumbnail_image 75px

thank you

we ended up having to hide the thumbnails in the search bar while waiting for a solution from Algolia…