Magento Product Names Not Being Indexed

We are getting results that have nothing to do with our company, as well as missing results from our store.

Here is an example of the problem: we have a product called the sealcoat edger. If you search “edger” Algolia does not find it, even though we have the settings set to check the product name.


Second problem: we have a product category “Sealcoat Sprayer Machines” -

If we search Sprayer we get results that are not even from our site:

We would appreciate any help with this.

Hi Amie

  1. It seems that your data isn’t indexed like you want. Have you tried to reindex or to activate the indexing queue ? (In Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search > Indexing Queue / Cron > Queue enabled)

  2. The section you describe is the suggestions one in the autocomplete menu, it is populated by the users’ queries, so it seems that they are searching those products. If you want to change that, you can update the suggestions configuration (In Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search > Autocomplete > Number of queries & Min query popularity) or directly manage the search terms in Magento (In configuration > Catalog > Search terms)

Hope this would help.