Magento Product URL Paths

We are trying to get our products to show a URL that follows the category the user came from, rather than always displaying a static category path. We’ve been able to fix this on our staging site without Algolia connected however when Algolia is active it is not updating to show these dynamic category paths in the URL.

Example category being browsed: /pendleton-blankets/collections/
Example product URL showing on that page: /pendleton-blankets/design/baby-blankets/blanket.html

We need the product URL to be showing as this to match the category path currently being browsed: /pendleton-blankets/collections/blanket.html

Algolia controls both the category page URLs for products as well as the search results- is there some sort of configuration change that needs to be made to accomplish this?

Hello @madeinoregon,

Algolia indexes products from backend without category context.
So the URL indexed is “blank” without category. And it’s best practice for SEO as the same product is accessible only on single URL and not on multiple URLs.

Today there is no configuration option for that and most probably it won’t be in early future.

If you want to try to implement yourself I’d direct you to documentation to see how to customize the extension: