Magento products found but not displayed

Community hello:

magento CE v2.1.6 - new install - Ultimo Theme

Search on a BRAND name finds products, but products are not displayed, upon clicking on See Products in all Departments (186)

See example in 2 images below. 186 Polycom products are found, but are not displayed on following page. This does seem to work OK on a few brands, but fails on most. FYI - I was have the same problem on the standard Magento search, which is what led me to install an alternate search solution.

Any pointers?

You can see my web address in the image, if you wish to test this live.

thanks - GARRY

update: I reverted to the default Magento Luma theme, and Algolia found products are displayed (without the image?) – so this appears to be a theme related issue, with the Ultimo theme.

Hello Garry,

I checked your website and you don’t have instant search enabled. Can you enable it in Algolia config in Magento?
That should fix the issue.