Magento Products not showing in search

We are experiencing products that are not showing in the search results but the category is.

There doesn’t appear to be any outstanding indexes but for some reason they are not showing.

Indexing jobs say there is none left -
All reindexes run manually just to double check as well -
Search for Beachhouse returning no results other than the category -
The Beachhouse category contains products with the same naming in the product name -
Products in Magento are set to show in searches -

Doesn’t make sense as to why the products aren’t showing, this is happening for a couple of known things but am worried it’s happening across a lot more.

Please assist.

Website is

Hello Daniel,

can you try to follow the indexing troubleshooting guide?

When you run a manual reindexing of products, does it create jobs in queue?

Turning off the queue in Magento seems to allow a bulk re-index to run which solved the issue.

However, the queue doesn’t appear to be working even though we’ve confirmed the cron is running and that the queue jobs are now down to 0.

Any ideas for moving forward?

My approach would be like this:

  1. disable cron
  2. Change a single product.
  3. Check queue is setup crrectly (algoliasearch_queue)
  4. run indexer manually, as the user cron would run it
    4a. If it returns immediately without error, start to dig into what it does. Also check algolia console if there was any update.
    5b if you get an error, report it.

Also check log files. Oh, and make sure you have error logging enabled.