Magento reindex issue

We’re trying to asses if Algolia would be a better replacement for our current search engine ( ElasticSearch ).

So far, things have been going great. We now started tweaking the data in the index so we could fine tune the relevance of our results and discovered that the index searchable attributes and rankings rules are reset to defaults every time we reindex. Are we doing something wrong?

Plese note that we’re testing in a development environment and we chose not to use the Queue indexer but rather when we’re done writing additional code we start a full reindex process via Magento’s CLI indexer tool.

Hello @r.larion,

searchableAttributes and customRanking settings are managed by Magento. So each time you reindex or save Algolia configuration in Magento it’ll get overridden. You can see what settings are controlled by Magento in Indexing documentation:

Each data type (Products, Categories, Pages, …) controls different settings.

So you need to do the desired changes in Algolia configuration in Magento, not Algolia dashboard. You can of course “play” with the settings in dashboard, but when you find the right configuration redo it in Magento :slight_smile:

If Algolia’s admin UI doesn’t offer all features you need to use, you can use extension’s custom events. Using the algolia_products_index_before_set_settings custom event. You can hook into this event and modify the settings programmatically directly from Magento.

Thanks for clearing that out. We will apply the settings directly in Magento.

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