Magento2 Multiple Websites - Multiple Apps

Hello everyone!

I just installed Algolia on a dev environment of my site and i’m having some troubles running it.
The thing is:
I have 1 magento2 (2.1.7) installation with 2 websites each with 1 store.
I first configured website A with my Algolia App 1 keys and everything works fine but… When I create a new application in Algolia and configure the Website B with those other API keys, when I do a reindex, indexes are created in APP 1.

Am I doing It wrong? I mean, Is it possible to have 2 websites each linked to a different Algolia APP or should I have 1 Algolia APP per Magento2 installation?



Hello @roy ,

I’m sorry for the late reply.
The extension handles automatically the creation of indices for each store view set up in the Magento configuration so you don’t have to create more than 1 Algolia APP.

Each store view will have its own prefix in the algolia dashboard.

Hope this would help.

Best regards.


I want to keep the apps separated since each store is managed differently. Also, the extension allows to put credentials at store level.
The problem is that it wont create indices in its configured APP, it creates everything only in one and the other remains empty.

Is it possible to keep things separated? Or are you obligated to keep everything in just 1 APP?

Hello @roy,

the extension is designed to work with only one Algolia APP in one Magento instance.
What is the reason for multiple APPs?

Hello @jan.petr ,

The reason is that I have 2 different Stores with their own domain names and differentiates product / categories and the people working in each store are different. I would like to keep things separated as much as possible.