Make Dropdown Search-UI

Hi, I’m trying to make a Dropdown Search-UI of Docsearch.
I’m very grateful for kind Algolia’s staffs.

I have 2 questions and
My questions are:

  1. As the instruction in the page,
    I add the code to my website. But an error occurs in the part code.
    The error message on Chrome Developer tools and my codes are as follows:

Error message

docsearch.min.js:2 Uncaught Error: Error: inputSelector:[object Object] must be a string. Each selector must match only one element and separated by ‘,’

My codes

        apiKey: 'f14394aefc008f2da27d723250efb650',
        indexName: 'am_config',
        appId: '6LBK0XHI99',
        inputSelector: {
            'lvl0': 'section div #docContent header',
            'lvl1': 'section div #docContent h2',
            'lvl2': 'section div #docContent h3',
            'lvl3': 'section div #docContent h4',
            'lvl4': 'section div #docContent h5',
            'lvl5': 'section div #docContent h6',
            'text': 'section div #docContent p,section div #docContent ol, section div #docContent ul,section div #docContent div'
        debug: true,

According to error log, inputSelector must be a string, but my CSS_selector in .json file (which is used to crawl the contents of my website) is object as shown in the above code.
I tried to make some changes in ‘inputSelector’ but it didn’t work.

  1. If I finish the above step, will ‘search bar’ automatically appear somewhere in my website?
    Or do I have to do some extra steps to implement search bar?

Thanks for reading my questions.
Any help will be appreciated!

I leave this comment for somebody just like me.

  1. You have to use double quote (") in indexName.
  2. Nope, you have to implement HTML tag before you use DocSearch. (see here) After you implement tag on your website, then you write a CSS selector of the tag into the inputSelector in your JavaScript file.