Making search results titles longer

Attached is a screen shot from our competitors site, for the 4 items listed you can see a good long description “Jet 14” Woodworking Close Stand Bandsaw JWBS-14CS 708815K”. This is what I’m looking for, just showing more description.

Compared to my second attachment showing our Ace Cutting search results and how the only description shown is “K3000 CUT-N-BREAK ELE…”

Having a little more description will greatly help our customers find what they’re looking for, the list price and sale price from ohio power tool attachment is not important. Please let us know what options are available, thanks!

Hi Steve, there’s no attached screenshot. But I made one for you:

I believe that you are using magento and that you want to customize the rendering of the titles. Moving this to magento community.

Thank you, i could not see how to upload an image. I still believe this is something that can be helped through Algolia. Is there any way to just allow more characters to be shown at this screen? The “…” reduces the info for customers to know what each item is. (We have fairly complicated saw models to understand for customers) If this has to be solved through Magento, i will forward to my support at Unleaded Group. thanks!

Hello Steve,

thank you for posting your question to forum.
The issue is coming from the default CSS of our extension when the extension “hides” part of the title in order to fit on one line didn’t break the layout.

The CSS class which hides the part of the title is called .text-ellipsis. and it’s CSS definition is here.

What you can do now is to reach out to you support at Unlead Group and ask them to override the definition of the class so it doesn’t hide the rest of the title.

Is that doable? Let me know if you need more details on that.