Manage widgets on instantsearch

i have several widgets on my page, i would like to show them one by one, after user select a option on previous widget…
How can i do that ? (how to trigger events on widget ?)

Kind regards

Have you tried to change the display property of the containers? Do you have some example of what you tried?

   <div id="brand" class="facet"></div>
    <a href="javascript:openfacet('type_container');" >Next...</a>
    <div id="type_container">
      <div id="type" class="facet">
      <a href="javascript:openfacet('hits');" >show hits...</a>

yes, i tried this… work fine… but i would like to trigger click on facet , not my link.

I found some solutions on forum with helper , searchfunction… i will try…

But if you have a solution… YW :slight_smile:

(type_container display is on none, and my function openfacet switch it to block)