Manually trigger a search in Vue

I’d like to be able to

  1. Disable the initial search
  2. Only search when the enter button has been pressed
  3. Call a function to log some data before running the search

Could you tell me if this is possible?

Thank you

Hi @to.jontan_gift,

Which version of Vue InstantSearch are you using V1 or V2?


@samuel.vaillant Yep. I’m using V2.

I see that the documentation for the other languages have a searchAsYouType property. I was wondering is there is one for Vue

Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes indeed it’s available in the other flavors but not inside Vue InstantSearch. You can implement it easily with slots though. Here is an example that shows how to implement it. Note that it does not cover all the use cases though.

Hope that helps!