Manually update row


I am looking for a way to force update a row in algolia using the laravel library.

My use case:
I am using a python script to add/update rows in the database. The way I thought of, to be able to update the data in algolia, is using a laravel api. I basically have a route which takes the model id and want to basically force update the row in algolia. If I don’t make any changes before save() the model doesn’t save (that’s a laravel feauture) so I cannot use save().

Any thoughts?

If you are using python to update your script, I believe the best way would be to update algolia with python as well.

Also I think you can use the searchable() method. Something like “$model->searchable();” but that will only work if you load the model after the update in DB is done.

In the end I think the python solution is better.