Many thumbnail not showing on M2


Search results dropdown not showing all thumbnails, although all images available.

It’s on Magento 2.2.4 CE

Is there a way to fix it?

Hello @eyal, yes. You need to reindex all products with missing images. That will generate the correct image URL to be indexed in Algolia and images will appear.

You can read more about why images are “disappearing” from the search in Magento extension FAQ.

I followed the FAQ and still many images not showing. Even after reindex.

Did the reindex finish properly? If you have indexing queue enabled, did you check that all reindexing jobs were processed?

If everything was done, can you check Magento logs to try to find any image generation error? Sometimes it happens that the reindexing job doesn’t have correct rights to create image thumbnails. Or there might be another error preventing your store from generating images during reindexing.

I reindex several times, still many images not showing. I checked few other search plugins and they show all images.

There are no image errors.

Could you share a live website with me where I could see the issue?