Mapping color swatches in filters

Is there is a way to map colors from the swatch to colors in the product?

So for example we have a product with a color set to "red/white/blue”, since we dont have a swatch that shows all 3 colors, we would match it to red, to white and to blue separately so that when the customers selects either of those colors, this product will show up.

Hi! Could you provide some details about your case? What swatch are you referring to?

In any case, I found a previous thread that seems closely related to this one: How to add swatches/color codes for Color facet in InstantSearch WooCommerce

Also, if the issue is actually about finding ways to filter your data based on some properties of your records (here, their color), this documentation might be useful: Filtering | Managing Results | Guide | Algolia Documentation

Looking forward to your reply!

yes we saw those and are going through that. Specifically what we need is for example a product has color set in Shopify to white/black/blue, so algolia displays “white/black/blue” in filters:

Now we want to match to a single color instead, so that product set to white/black/blue would instead show when the user select either of the 3 colors: white, black OR blue.

That way we can have swatches with only single colors like so: