Marketplace for UK builders

We’re busy building a marketplace in the UK where builders can list their surplus material and products for sale. We are using Algolia to power the product search with geo location support (we want to return the products which fit the search criteria but as products are collected we want to show nearest results first). Speed is hugely important as well as relevance and typo tolerance etc. Algolia is doing a wonderful job at the moment of helping us build something extremely impressive.


Hi @chris and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Can you send us a link? I’m eager to check it out!

Speaking about Marketplace, here is a blog post I wrote a few months ago explaining all the things (search related) you need to think about while building a marketplace:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hey @Bobylito - will make sure to send you a link when we have a bit more to show. Thanks for your interest.

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Hey @sylvain,

Thanks for the link - very interesting and raises the important point about users gaming a marketplace with keyword stuffing in titles and description. Great demo with the WordPress plugin directory too, I even managed to find one of mine in there :smile: