Marvel Search - Search into all the Marvel superheroes and supervillains

Being a Marvel fan, I decided to use the power of Algolia to have a way to search into the whole list of Marvel superheroes. I extracted the list partly from the Wikipedia and partly from the Marvel API and built a json dataset from those two sources.

You can test it online, check the source code and read more details in the blog post.

The hardest part was to get the data in an usable format. Data crawled from the Wikipedia includes a lot of unnecessary markup, and data taken from the Marvel API needs to be reconciliated with the Wikipedia. I also tried to take advantage of the awesome art available, to create a very visual search. You can click on the results to have more information about them.

Content is not automaticaly updated, but the scripts I used to do the scrapping are available on GitHub (as well as an extensive test suite.