Menu widget not displaying facets

Dear all,
I’m struggling with a problem with the instantsearch.js library.
I’ve created a “menu” widget, to display a list of Types that the users will navigate.

Unfortunately the widget menu is not displaying any item at all. This is the code I’m using:

    container: '#category',
    attributeName: 'Type'

I tried to swith to the refinementList widget, and in this case the Types are shown, but the behaviour is different from the menu, which is really what I need.

No javascript error is thrown, it simply does not show up.
I can share a link and credentials to access the search, if needed.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for the fantastic library and for the well written documentation,

Dear all,
I managed to fix it.

Apparently the facets setting was blocking it, for some reason:

  searchParameters: {
    facets: ["Type"],
    filters: "( Type:Images OR Type:News OR Type:Events OR Type:Pages OR Type:People OR Type:Documents OR Type:Websites  )",

I removed the line: facets: [“Type”], and it works correctly.

@emanuele.strano thanks for reporting the fix that you used. I created an issue in instantsearch.js github repo so that we can investigate :slight_smile: