MenuSelect Show All Options at All TIme

In the React MenuSelect the drop down only shows the selected Value once an option has been selected. How could I always show all Options (not linked to the current Hits) no matter what value is currently selected in the MenuSelect? Basically, I need a “static” MenuSelect that gets populated once at Render and then is independent of user choices and selections.

Does anyone know more about this and how we could solve this? The issue persists and its really degrading UX.

Do you have a live example of what you mean? when I look at for example infallible-bas-4jz97 - CodeSandbox, the values stay selectable

Thanks for the answer.
The problem is slightly different. Imagine you have two dropdowns - one with brand (e.g. apple and samsung) and the other with phone models. If I select e.g. apple and then Iphone whatever, algolia adjusts the first filter. I would not be able to select samsung now without clearing all refinenments.

So the question is: How do I make the first (brand) filter always show all possible results, so how to make it irresponsive to other filters meaning that it doesnt change?

E.g. see this example. I selected MINI first, then the Clubman. If I now go back onto the brand select, it only shows me MINI because it is affected by the clubman choice from below. It should however show all brands again. Upon selection of a new brand it should clear the current model (clubman)

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Out of the box this isn’t possible, as a filter is meant to show all possible refinements, and unless you remove clubman from the filters, you actually can’t select any other levels. However talking about levels, I think you might be more looking for a select version of hierarchical menu. I have a (slightly outdated, but the core still would be the same) version of that available here:

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