Merchandising on an empty query for autocomplete in shopify

I want to have autocomplete configured so that it merchandises on an empty query.

Steps taken

  1. Creation of Indexes and query suggestions (for analytics)

  2. Creation of Rules for each index and query suggestion

    Rules for an ‘empty’ search are present for each index and query suggestion.

2.1. How is the search in the index working as shown by the Algolia dashboard

This is an example of the JSON result in an empty query.

This suggests that the rule is being applied on the index/es.

I would expect something like this to automatically get applied in the actual search too once these rules are set up however, it doesn’t get reflected on the store.

  1. Taking a look at the code under the hood

This code was installed automatically by algolias app once it was installed in the shopify theme.

3.1. Algolias autocomplete instance creation where most of the options are set.

I have tried changing that to add openOnFocus as I’d seen here.

I have also tried adding sources to it on an empty query as I’d seen here


These changes did not have any effect on the frontend and were done using the API documentation.

Narrowing down to what I think the issue is

OnFocus: There isnt any query request being passed to Algolias API with the current implementation of the automatically installed code.