{"message":"indexName is not valid","status":400} Magento 2

{“message”:“indexName is not valid”,“status”:400}

Help me !

HI @thong.dinhtan, can you confirm that the index ‘magento2_default_products’ does exist in your Algolia dashboard?

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magento2_default_products already has in Algolia dashboard.

My issue is: cannot search product in input search in scope store view. That’s just in All store views

Hi @thong.dinhtan!

Would you mind sending a message to support@algolia.com with your appID and a direct link to the page displaying the error please?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi chloe,

Can you help me the other way? Because My appID is secret, please :frowning:

What do you mean secret? Your appId will be visible in the console of your website if you use instant search.

Of course, it’s totally fine to not post it here. Chloé mentioned that you can send it to support@algolia.com