Metafield as a Sort Order? No check ability to select it

Hi. Documentation says to do this: “You can also sort on a metafield. Just check the product metafield as a sort order in the Indexing tab, save and it will be available in the Sorting tab.”

How do you “check the product metafield as a sort order”. I see an option to “use as a facet” but not to set it as a sort order?

This is indeed a mistake from me. We used to allow metafields as a sort order, but removed the feature because our users didn’t use it at all. I’ve forgotten to accordingly update the documentation, this is my bad.

What kind of attribute would you want to sort on if that’s not too much to ask?

@Jerska I was also confused becuase this is still listed in the documentation. I would like to sort based on a metafield we have listed on each product that’s called “knockout validation”. It’s basically a boolean (T/F) that tells the buy that the product has been verified to a very high standard. So we want those products to show up first if available. (It’s kind of like how Amazon shows “prime” products first in most cases)

Thanks for pinging me on this.
I’ve just removed the associated entry.

For this, you likely don’t want an extra sort order, but actually modify the main ranking formula, correct?
In that case, all you’ll need to do is add this metafield inside your Algolia dashboard > Indices > shopify_products > Ranking.
There you’ll be able to add this field as a custom ranking attribute.
Put it before recently_ordered_count, choose whether you want to use it in ascending or descending order and you’ll be good to go!

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Thanks @Jerska, I believe this is what I wanted. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.