Migrating to V6 C# - Where to find Query.GetQueryString alternative

In the 5.x branch of the C# library there was a Query.GetQueryString() function that I used as a caching key for duplicate queries within a certain timeframe. Is there somewhere in the 6.x code where I can get a similar value that describes a Query and it’s properties for caching?



Hi @james3 !

I am the maintainer of the .NET client. Thanks for your feedback.

There is a ToQueryString method but atm it’s internal. I don’t see any issue why we couldn’t expose it in the Query class. I have opened an issue, that I’ll tackle for next release (in around 10 days)

If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the next release you can directly copy the code of the internal.



We have just released the v6.1.3 which is including he ToQueryString() method on Query.

Happy coding with Algolia!