Million of operations just in few hours

Hi, I have small site where people make just few searches daily - but according to dashboard in few hours of yesterday and today I have spent like million operations - don’t see any spike in Google Analytics… Could my account be compromised or can it be caused by bots and crawlers? How to find out and what to do? (I have one million operations monthly, which is way more than I need and all are left - I use open source licence and use instantsearch.js on my site).

You are not the only. Granted, My site did not reach a million operations, but we pretty much received 100K operations in the last 24 hours, and analytics does not add up either.

Same as your site, we only get a few hundred searches a day, definitely not thousands. To add to this, I’ve noticed that the issue started yesterday, and continued today, and they both started around the same time.

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Did you find something? Or can anyone else help?

Maybe I found out who is killer - Google :confused: Our site is small, so why to index 155.000 pages? Uff