Min, max values of algolia facet returning wrong values

Hello, my name is Tun Han Mra from myanmar. I am currently working as software engineer in CarsDB.We use algolia pro service. The problem is that when we filter min , max values of facet attribute, Algolia returns wrong values if the record exceeds over 20 records.Min, max values are correct in algolia dashboard though.
In the below reference, algolia says searching every records to return min max values is expensive so that they return approximate values if that exceeds their limit.

Is that corrent and what’s algolia limt record to return approximate values for min max ?

Hi @tunhanmra,

Yes, I can confirm the reply you saw in that post is accurate and that the results of facet counts is an approximation based on a smaller sample of data. Facet counts are the number of records in your hits that match a given facet.

I am not sure what you refer to when you mention " min , max values of facet attribute" though, could you give me a little bit more precisions on what you are trying to achieve and what this min and max value refer to?

Are you maybe trying to use our rangeSlider widget ?

Let me know!