Minimum and Maximum allowed range missing in connectRange

I’m trying to use connectRange to allow users to filter by date. I’ve managed to get it all working except I keep getting errors such as

You can’t provide min value lower than range.

How am I supposed to know what the minimum and maximum values are?

If I use the RangeInput widget, I do get a min/max value. Though in the connector, min and max are undefined right off the bat.

Is this a bug or am I missing the boat somehow?


You can find a fully working example of connectRange on this sandbox.

If this example doesn’t help you, could you please reproduce the issue in this React InstantSearch sandbox? It will make it easier to fully understand the problem.

Hey Francois,

Thanks for your code example, it did the trick.

I notice that a lot of these answers in discourse give some examples to codesandbox. Is there an aggregate of those that we’d be able to reference? If not, do y’all make em up on the spot?

It’d be cool if documentation had link to those examples. The actual application examples are okay but they don’t cover many of the use-cases that are brought up.

If y’all do have an aggregate collection, I can open up a PR to attach demos to the appropriate pages!

That’s a great point that you make here! We’re currently working on a brand new documentation website for the Algolia products, including InstantSearch.

The sandbox that I sent is taken from our new documentation (not yet public). We’re making sure to include examples for each widget/connector. It should therefore be easier in the near future for users to understand how to use these components.

There’s not aggregation of these examples for now, they’re often made of the spot. A rather long-time plan is to make those documentation examples interactive, but no ETA yet.

Thank you for sharing this feedback, keep it coming if you’ve got more!