Missing Index Attributes


I have imported a bunch of records into Algolia. I’ve started setting up my searchable attributes, but I have noticed that some of the attributes in my records are not showing up as options. This is hindering my process of building out my search.

In the following image you can see one of my records with “device” as an attribute:
33 PM

In the attributes for highlighting selector, you can see that I do not have the option to highlight device:
44 PM

Is there some sort of limit for attributes on free accounts?

I am using vue-instantsearch. It works great for the attributes I do have, but I need all of my attributes.

On the dashboard we calculate the attributes you can use in highlighting or searching on a sample of your data, so it might be possible that not all of your records have device. You should still be able to select it for highlighting regardless of whether it shows up in the dropdown though :smile:

You’re correct that not all my records have device. The problem is, with vue-instantsearch, I get an error saying device hasn’t been setup to be used with ais-highlight.

It seems that all searchable attributes should be highlightable but I cannot set these attributes in searchable either since I cannot find them in the UI. Should I just set them using vue-instantsearch or something?

Did you add it to the attributesToHighlight? If it didn’t work from the dashboard, you can also add it as a queryParameter in ais-index at runtime as a last resort (documentation)

you can just set any attribute as searchable too, it’s indeed automatically highlighted. You can set it in the dashboard by just typing it, it doesn’t need to be in the dropdown

I didn’t realize I could just type them in on the dashboard. When I did it gave me a warning about not finding it in the sample data so I thought that meant there were errors, but that actually solved my problem.

perfect, sorry for that not being clear the first time I said it :blush:

Have a great day!