Missing Locations in Algolia Places Search Query

My Algolia places query couldnt return the following suburbs (locations). The query input was “Greater Accra Region”. I also tried “Accra”…

  1. East Legon
  2. East Legon Hills
  3. East Legon Hills - Santoe
  4. West Legon
  5. Ablekuma
  6. North Legon
  7. Agbogba (same as North Legon)
  8. West Tesano
  9. Kwashieman
  10. Taifa
  11. Amrahia ( under Greater Accra Region)
  12. Sakumono Estates (under Greater Accra Region)
  13. Ashiyie
  14. Pantang
  15. Pantang West
  16. Oyarifa
  17. Haatso
  18. New Legon
  19. Chaado
  20. East Cantonments
  21. Airport Hills (suburb)
  22. Ogbojo
  23. Frafraha
  24. Danfa
  25. Ziapon
  26. Anyaa
  27. Tantra Hills
  28. Ofankor
  29. Kutunse
  30. Shikpontele
  31. Adiembra

I am using the country search option : https://community.algolia.com/places/examples.html#country-search

  var placesAutocomplete = places({
                  appId: "xxx",
                  apiKey: "xxx",
                  container: document.querySelector("#keyword_search"),
                  countries: ["gh"],

Hi @johnzuh, We receive our data from Open Street Map. Indeed, there are times when their data can be improved. If you would like to add locations or fix data to Open Street Map, you are welcome to submit data:


We do a new import of planetary data every quarter, at which point the improvements will be in the Algolia Places data. Doing so, you are not only assisting Places, but the greater community with better map data.

@cindy.cullen Thanks for the feedback. i will go ahead and submit the data on openstreetmap. Shall keep you posted on proceedings.