Missing option i 'searchableAttributes'


I’m trying to add a searchable attribute for mostRecentSubmissions.campaignTitlle in the same way as I already have for mostRecentOrders.campaignTitle, but the option doesn’t show for some reason?

I’ve checked to make sure that the objects in the index has values for this field, and they do:

I can only choose the root of the object, mostRecentSubmissions, but not the campaignTitle field for some reason - What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @jm1,

Thanks for inquiring. There are times when the Algolia Dashboard maxes out with the number of attributes and nested attributes it can display. Two things to check:

  • Can you still add it - If you manually type in mostRecentSubmissions.campaignTitle and set as a searchable attribute does it work? As in, do not rely on the dropdown selection. This is my bet that it will work.

  • Can you write to us at support - However, if still experiencing an issue, could you please write to us at support@algolia.com with your App ID, index name at issue, and also grant us Support access? (https://www.algolia.com/account/support)

Thanks for working through these options!

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