Missing results in React that appear on the algolia website

I’m using the InstantSearch, SearchBox, Hits and Configure components in my React app. When I go the the algolia website and type in a search term on an index page, for example ‘Trump’ in my annotations index, I get 11 results.


When I type that same term into the search in my React app I only get one. Here’s the code.

const searchClient = algoliasearch('MY_INDEX', 'MY_KEY')


  <SearchBox onChange={resetPage}/>
  <Hits />

As you can see I’m not applying any filters, and I’m using a very simple implementation, so I don’t understand why I else I would only get a subset of the results. Any suggestions?

Figured it out: it was the ‘page’ parameter. I was starting from 1 but it should have been 0. :sweat_smile: