Mixing numeric/facet filters in query via ANDs

Here it says “You cannot mix these different filter categories inside an OR”. But what about between ANDs? For instance, is the following filters string valid? I’m assuming not, but just want to make sure. The documentation isn’t clear on this.

  query: '',
  filters: 'color:blue AND (likes < 1000)'

Hi @vincentj711,

As the documentation explain you can’t mix attributes of different types with an OR operator. But you ca do it with the AND operator. If you already have an Algolia account you can try inside your dashboard. On the “Indices” panel you will have a button “+ add query param” (see below) it will open a modal. In it you have a “Custom” tab where you can put every filters you want on the query.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions :wink:

thanks, worked like a charm!