Mobile site without product images

Hi, on mobile version i can’t see product image, it’s a configuration setting?

Hi @mgiorgi,

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Can you provide a link to your app or to somewhere that we can see that your images are missing?

Could you also provide the API Client you are using for your application?

I look forward to your reply!

Tomorrow i will provide api client


Hi @mgiorgi!

I’m Praagya Joshi, software engineer at the Shopify squad here at Algolia.

The reason why images aren’t showing in the autocomplete widget is actually because of a CSS rule:

.aa-dropdown-menu-size-xs .aa-product-picture {
    display: none;

You can easily change this behaviour by modifying either the CSS file algolia_autocomplete.css.hogan.liquid or the product result template file algolia_autocomplete_product.hogan.liquid.


Hi, thanks for reply, i’ve removed this line but the image now are over the text, if i try to inspect dom element (with chrome or safari) the result block disappears, how can i debug the html created by your app and find the css rules than causes this issue?

Hi @mgiorgi, you can force the autocomplete to remain open by checking the “Debug” option in the “Display” tab of the Algolia app.

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