Modify UI on results

is there a way to restrict number of characters returned in the categories? If you see the attached, it’s an awful UI.

Goal is to have the results appear no further than the edge of the furthest image on the left. Also need the Algolia logo removed.

d in categories


It seems that you are using one of our e-commerce integration (Wordpress or Magento maybe?). If that’s the case, could you please tell us each and the version you are using?

If this is a custom integration, you should have a look at our snippeting documentation. Snippeting is a way to truncate a long text after a defined number of characters in an intelligent manner (not cutting in the middle of a word, and adding an ellipsis (…) after it).

You can also handle that through CSS directly for the display, as it has a nice text-ellipsis feature that can correctly fit the size of its container.

As for the Algolia logo, it will depend on which plan you use. If you’re on one of the community (free) accounts, you’ll have to keep the logo next to the search results. If you’re on one of the paying account, you can remove it.

yes using Magento.

so the only way to edit is via a developer?


This should be the category of the product. Are your products in multiple category?

Like you said the only way is to edit the code. You can find the related code here: