Modifying Embedded Widget Results

Hello! I have successfully followed the guide and gotten the Zendesk-Algolia integration up and running. From what I can see, the search widget has no problem pulling up and displaying query results from article titles and the article body. Is it possible to modify the autocomplete results to also display other results? Ideally I’d like autosuggestions to populate based on some custom objects I have set in my Algolia index. Haven’t been able to locate a place in the dashboard to do what I want.
appreciate all help in advance!

There’s no configuration option allowing to add extra results. Indeed, the display of a result set is highly coupled to the attributes you want to display. In the Zendesk case, it’s even more the case as there’s some reordering to group results belonging to the same section together.

You can however create your own implementation to search in both datasets.
Most customers actually create their own implementation, our integrations are the only cases where we provide a default one.

Here are a few links to get you started:

The frontend bundle code can be found here for inspiration:

Appreciated thank you Jerska !