Modifying index settings (advancedSyntax and ignorePLurals)

Using the WP Search with Algolia plugin, I’m trying to change some settings on an index, but failing.

function custom_posts_index_settings( array $settings ) {
    $settings['attributesForFaceting'][] = 'fh_version';
    $settings['attributesForFaceting'][] = 'skill_level';
    $settings['sortFacetValuesBy'] = 'alpha';
    $settings['queryLanguages'] = ['en'];
    $settings['ignorePlurals'] = true;
    $settings['advancedSyntax'] = true;
    return $settings;
add_filter( 'algolia_posts_index_settings', 'custom_posts_index_settings' );

I don’t have access to the Algolia back end to view or manipulate the settings there.

ignorePlurals and advancedSyntax are definitely failing; I think everything else is OK.

What am I missing? Is it perhaps that I’m trying to access a setting not available via an old version of the client API?

Hi @colevalleygirl, We no longer support our WordPress plugin and suggest you use our WordPress integration guide to create your own plugin instead.

We have this documentation on setting the configuration.

You may also find this documentation helpful.

You may also find a third party plugin author who has created an Algolia integration with WordPress at if you want to stay with a plugin, but don’t want to build one yourself.