Monitoring the algolia searches

Hi All,
I’m wondering what’s your approach for monitoring your application with algolia?
There are several Monitoring APIs that are available. The Status api returns general operational status of the service per region etc, but I’m more interested in hearing what approaches people are taking for the actual functionality like indexes, searches etc. Those are all available using the APIs but the resolution is pretty high level. Looks like 1 day (24 data points) is the lowest resolution available. Anyone actually using it and finds it useful?
Is it possible to run the queries every 1 hour on the past 1 day and basically get the past 1-hour data point? (will not be great but still something to compare against a baseline).

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Hi there,

I’m Rémy-Christophe and I’m in charge of the monitoring & related APIs.
As of today we are not providing APIs for the raw data we get from our monitoring. It’s too much data (around 200 millions points per day). That’s why we are proving high level APIs.

Nonetheless, I’m currently working on new APIs to have the real up/downtime of the service.

Could this new API be useful to you?
What resolution would fit your needs?

If you want this discussion to go on a non public place, feel free to e-mail

Thank you very much. I will move this conversation into the private support email as it’s a specific use case.