Most searched articles on Zendesk + Algolia


I was looking for something to return the most searched articles in the last hour (or something like that) to Zendesk + Algolia.

Is that possible? :smiley:

Hi @vinicius.donadon,

The Analytics Rest API has a Get Top Hits endpoint that you can query with parameters including startDate and endDate timestamps.

You would have to separately query this endpoint and customize how you display this on your frontend.

The additional consideration is the retention of your analytics (how long is your data held in Algolia) and this depends by plan. Enterprise plans have 365 days retention so can query upto 1-year ago, and this is 7 days on Starter plan, 30 days on Pro plan.

I hope this helps.

Hey @ajay.david, thanks for answering me :smiley:

On index parameter, is it possible to do a query with all articles?

Hi @vinicius.donadon,

Can you explain what you mean by this - what you would query and what you would expect to get back?

My hunch is “no”, but can confirm after clearly understanding your goal. Thank you

Hey @ajay.david!

I am trying to get all articles from my Zendesk application that are indexed by Algolia,

I want to query all articles to return the most searched articles, regardless of category or section,

Thanks for all the support!

Hi @vinicius.donadon!

Ah, sorry, the Get-top-hits endpoint is per index and it is not possible to get the combined list for all indices.

I’d also like to mention that you can access data from the analytics API directly only on the Enterprise plan. On other plans, the level of analytics you have access to varies, but you can see all the data you have access to from your Algolia dashboard in the Analytics tab.

If this is not enough to achieve everything you want, you can still integrate another analytics tool like Google Analytics:

Hey @marie.gillier!

The basic idea is to show the customer the most accessed articles in my Zendesk Help Center.

Is it possible to do this any other way with Algolia?

Again, Thanks for all the support :slight_smile:

Hi @vinicius.donadon!

Alright, I see! Can you tell me what is your current Algolia plan?


I have the test plan, I am using it to identify which tools meet my needs.

If I need to do the things mentioned, which plan should I use?

Hi again @vinicius.donadon :slight_smile:,

Knowing the most accessed articles implies to implement click analytics to track not the search queries but the actual records that the user clicked on. This feature is available only on the Enterprise plan.

You have access to the top searches queries performed by users on all of our paid plans:, the difference will be in the time range these popular searches will be extracted from.

  • On the Starter plan, you’ll be able to see the most popular search queries from the last 7 days from your dashboard,
  • On the Pro plan, you’ll be able to see the most popular search queries from the last 30 days from your dashboard,
  • On the Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to see the most popular search queries from the last 365 days from your dashboard and from the API.

I hope this clarifies our pricing in relation with analytics features, let me know if you still have questions!

On top of the excellent answer provided by @marie.gillier, you should be aware that the voting score of the article is used in the ranking of the search results. Highly seen articles are usually highly voted too, which should push up articles that are the most popular.

If you run an empty search query, it will return the most upvoted articles of your Help Center.

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