Multi colum results question

I was wanting to do a multi column search like on the netlify site.

My current flow is this. Wordpress local push to staging server → Wordpress staging export to static via plugin → push static files to git → netlify pull from git → netlify algolio crawler integration.

in my wordpress site I have this

	--link to" 
	--link to
	-- script
	    appId: '1L5FC*****',
	    apiKey: '50f3a911652bb541eae70b1a07d*****',
	    siteId: 'b204ef8b-78c3-433a-a93c-740d664*****',
	    branch: 'static',
	    selector: 'div#search',
	    analytics: true,
	    hitsPerPage: 10,
	    placeholder: 'Test Search',
	<div id="search" class="search">Search here</div>

Which works fine for pulling results, but the results look this like

and I’m not sure how to get it into multiple columns. I’m assuming I will also need to set up multiple indices? for each column.

Any suggestions or docs I should be reading? Also not opposed to paying for help!

Hi @eric.lozaga!

We call multi-column search “federated search” and you’re right that it’s typically powered by loading records from multiple source indexes.

It also looks like you may need to build a template for your records to get the data to display in a more user friendly way. That’s covered here:

HI, @eric.lozaga , let me know is your issue resolved? I’m also trying to build autocomplete on my wordpress. But, getting so many errors.