Multi-Environments - Laravel - BitBucket - Email Adress?

Hi ! I’m using Laravel with scout to import into algolia’s dashboard, it worked perfectly but It automatically use the name of my table.

I would like that my main website/ the master ( I’m using git ) be the only one to modify the database with my form and when every developpers work on his own project it modify just their own database and not the index.

I looked at but when I restricted one email adress it restricted all of them I didn’t really understand how it could know which one i it.

Can somebody explain me ?

Thank you :smile:

I think you can use a prefix with SCOUT_PREFIX environment variable or the scout.prefix config variable.
cf .

cc @julienbourdeau for confirmation


Yes @Jerska :ok_hand:

@victos If you define SCOUT_PREFIX in your .env file, it will be used in the index name.

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