Multi-index search across more than one application

Is it possible to have a multi-index search that searches across two applications?

I would like to build a keyword search to query two indexes, where each index belongs to a different Algolia application, and hence there will be two application ids, two api clients and two index names.


Actually you can! We have a guide showing how to do it with all flavors of InstantSearch:

Let me know if this helps!

Hi, yes I’ve seen that document, however the examples only show how to specify multiple index names, not a multiple application ids or api clients

oh ok, sorry I misunderstood the fact that you had multiple application ids.
In that case I don’t have a solution either that instantiating everything twice, indeed.
in general, you should use 1 application for a whole website to make it easier.

Thanks Youcef, would the same also apply to API clients? i.e. Two indexes on the same Application ID but with different API clients

If you have 1 application ID, you can initialize and query as many indices as you want with one single API client instance.

See this example: