Multilingual Langify on Shopify

I’d like to have Algolia strings in french and english in my Shopify store. I’m using Langify and could probably use harcoded/forces translations using langify’s Custom translations section, but I’d like to avoid that. Is there a proper and clean way to translate Langify on a Shopify store?

Hi @tabarnapp,

Thanks for reaching us.

I am Charly, Software Engineer working on the Shopify integration at Algolia.

Our Plugin only support one locale per shop for now, that you can customise/update by modifying algolia_translations.js asset.

Supporting multiple languages is totally achievable since our widgets are built with JavaScript.
You could totally override the algolia.translations namespace depending on the current language exposed by Langify.
However, since we don’t have any expertise regarding on how Langify is working (on the front-end side), I won’t be able to provide you snippets of code for this use-case.

Please let me know if you can find some information on how we could know what is the current selected locale, from the front-end (JavaScript) or from liquid files.