Multiple customers

I am working on some system where customers/suppliers can register and use the site.
But they will all have their own information…

What would be the best way to achieve that? Do I need to create different “application” for every supplier?
Or… ?
Of course they are not allowed to see each others data.


There is different ways to do it. You could create one index per user (data intensive), or use one single index and generate API keys for each user that would restrict the search only on the records that belong to this user.
Example : Create secured API Key API Reference | Algolia

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That’s indeed what I need. :slight_smile:
I suppose it’s also possible to put some users in a group (id/name).

If a group people like “company_x” with 5 users in it can all see the data for that company. And people from “company_y” can’t see the information from their company…
I suppose it’s the same principal?

exactly the same yes :slight_smile: As long as a user is attached to one specific tag in your index (“company_x” in your example), everything should work !

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