Multiple word search does not return result

Hi All,
New to this search business.
Using the browse / search function in the Algolia Dashboard.

My Question:
I have multiple records in my Index. It appears I don’t get the results I am expecting and assume that is a configuration issue or similar.
Obviously, I am new to this and appreciate your help.

First Search:
If I search for “Tiny Links” I get 2 articles returned.
1 hit on “Tiny Links”
1 hit on “tiny”

Second Search:
If I search for “Missing Tiny Links” I get no results.

Third Search
If I search for “Missing” I get articles with the word missing returned.

What do I have to do when running the second search to return records for “Tiny Links” as well?

Some config info provided below.
Not sure what information you require from me.
Let me know what to provide.



I guess you can ignore this post.
Just found it.
–> Remove words if no results

Hi Daniel,

Glad to hear you’ve resolved your issue. Posting documentation for removeWordsIfNoResults just in case anyone else finds this post helpful.

Let us know if you have further questions.
Best regards,