Multiword synonyms

Hello. The examples for multiword synonyms go from ‘nyc’ to ‘new york’. Is it possible to create a synonym in the other direction - from ‘new york’ to ‘nyc’? I’ve tried creating a one-way synonym but it doesn’t seem to work.

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I took a quick look, and a way one synonym should work in this case. You can also combine all three options into the same synonym as well to get matches:

Are you creating these synonyms via the dashboard or an API Client? Happy to help further, let us know! Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. It looks like the synonym is working and my real problem must be with ranking of results. (using the dashboard btw)
I set up a synonym similar to ‘x wing’ → ‘x-wing’ but the top match is a ‘y-wing’ because it matches ‘wing’ and ‘x’ which appears in another far less important field (dimensions :stuck_out_tongue:).
I had incorrectly expected the synonym to only match on the target string but I will start investigating how to improve relevance.


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Nice. So what I wanted was a Rule, rather than a synonym, to re-write ‘x wing’ as ‘x-wing’.

Using synonyms, the original query would have had two exact matches on title:wing and dimensions:x whereas the synonym had only one exact match on title:x-wing.

Thanks again @michael.king

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