My data is out of sync with Algolia

We have a Shopify store with about 1000 products and we use Algoila Shopify APP for searching the products on storefront. We have some problems with products indexing, re-indexing adds 202 records in index and after that stops working. We have tried to run re-indexing manually but this not helps us in solving the problem. Does anybody know what might be the problem, or at least how to find the reason of such behavior?

Thanks in Advance.

I have found the root of problem. Most of products in my system was unpublished and this is the reason they are not in index. Does anybody know how to make indexing of unpublished products with help of Algolia Shopify App?

Could you maybe explain a bit more your use-case and why you’d like to index unpublished products?
As the integration main role is to provide search on your website, and since links to unpublished products wouldn’t work, I fail to see why you’d like to use our app. :slight_smile:
Would it be for internal purposes?

Hi Jerska. Yes you are right, we have a separated system which allows to manage products in Shopify and we need to search products inside it, search results should include published and unpublished products as well. I know that we can create separated index specifically for this system, but it would be much easier to use index that creates by Algolia Shopify App.

Sorry for the lack of answer here!

I do understand how this could be useful for you, but I have multiple issues with the addition of such a feature inside the integration:

  • it doesn’t help our target user, which uses us to implement search in his·her store
  • it’s more complex than it seems : indeed, we’re also ignoring products with algolia-ignore or [hidden] in the title
    => should we also index those?
  • adding this feature would mean extra maintenance and indexing logic for only one user

We’ve been thinking for a long time about open sourcing the indexing logic of the integration.
I guess this is what you’d really need : the ability to take our indexing code and modify it according to your needs.
I would unfortunately have no ETA to give you there on such an open-sourcing. I know this is not especially helpful.

I hate the fact that this answer leaves me without any good solution.
I guess the script described in this post Add Product Ratings Attribute to Shopify Products Index could probably be a good start. It is modifying metafields, but you could instead simply send the product objects to Algolia from there.

Hi @Jerska we solved problem by creating custom index. So this problem is not actual at the moment. Thanks for your help.

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