My searches are showing up as "multi-queries" despite only searching one index

I have a react site that is using React InstantSearch.

I am trying to tune the quota limits I have placed on my API key. Something that is unclear to me, is whether a user’s search is counted against my operations quota. According to the plan pricing page:

What is an Indexing Operation?

An operation is counted when a record is indexed, updated or deleted.

Okay, so I guess a search isn’t an operation, and thus doesn’t count against my quota. However, on my dashboard I see this:


So… maybe multi-queries are a special type of search that does count against my operations? It definitely seems to be coming from my users’ browsers, as seen in this picture which shows that the majority of operations are being used by React-InstantSearch:


But that’s weird, on my search page, I’m only searching against a single index:


I am not using the <Index> component in my project either…

Searching the web, I don’t find any documentation about multi-query operations, so I’m a little lost at this point. Looking at my logs, I suppose the * could make these queries multi-querys:


I don’t know why there is an * since I’m specifying the index to use in React InstantSearch.

So my main questions are:

  1. Do my user’s searches count against a quota?
  2. Are multi-queries a special search that counts against a quota?
  3. What is a multi-query, and can I stop using them somehow?


Hi @jeremy1,

Thanks for your detailed message. Let me answer your question one by one:

  1. Since the recent update of the pricing, search operations are not limited by a quota anymore.
  2. Multiqueries are generated because of the use of a special end-point. Internally react-instantsearch uses this end-point because it might need multiple queries at once (for disjunctive or hierarchical faceting for example)
  3. You can’t stop using multiqueries. This is an end-point that gives the internals of react-instantsearch the flexibility to perform multiple queries at once if need be. Not using them would be an issue because you wouldn’t be able to have the multiple answers in a single http call, and it would generate some perf issues.


Thanks for clearing a lot of that up for me.

Just to be sure I understand:

  1. React InstantSearch requires the use of multi-queries.
  2. Whereas a normal search query doesn’t count against my quota, multi-queries do.

In other words, using React InstantSearch makes it so that searches always count against the operations quota?


Sorry for the confusion here: MultiQueries is a just an endpoint on the Algolia engine. This let you do either one or more queries with a single http call. They are not counted differently than any other search queries. If you have a new plan with the unlimited search queries, then it’s not an issue at all.


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@Bobylito sir, could you please help me to answer this question ? Why my search is counted as single queries and multi queries? . thank you very much