Nativescript support for algolia

Hi Algolia Community,

I have some good news for you guys regards to Nativescript.It’s becoming famous platform for mobile development but if you use algolia javascript library for nativescript, it doesn’t work.

Finally I created a library which will work seamlessly for Native as well.Here’s the link with documentation currently supporting.It work well with iOS and Android.

If you are facing any issue regarding running or inegrating the plugin.You can raise the [issue]

Currently it supports

  • Searching include multiple query across indexes
  • Adding Object
  • Update/Add settings

Things that are pending

  1. push to npm repo for prod release so that if you guys want to use/try in your app with tns add command (Topmost)
  2. Fixing build pipeline for test cases if you guys have some suggestion you are most welcome.
  3. Support for all methods defined in javascript library.

Last but not least you guys can also contribute to it.I will be most welcome and happy :slight_smile: .


Hi Arpit!

Thanks for your contribution! We’re excited to have it available to the community. We look forward to using it and of course are excited about the upcoming iterations.

I’m here, along with our developer advocate team, to help should you have any questions or need support!

I hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday.


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Finally I release the plugin to npm registery.Now you can download and use the plugin by

tns plugin add nativescript-algolia